Textiles (2014 - 2016)

Textiles (2014-2016)

Final Piece

Cushion, side 1
Cushion, side 2
Cushion, side 3
Cushion, side 4
Inner Cushion, side 1
Inner Cushion, side 2


Weaving 1
Weaving 1 (detail, side profile)
Weaving 1 (detail, side profile)
Weave within a wooden square - embroidery thread
Weave within a frame - copper wires, copper braid and copper embroidery thread

Surface Manipulation

Surface manipulation
Appliqué, holes and stripes
Original sketch with detail outlined in red
4 sketchbook reworkings of detail area. Top left - collage, top right - inkpens, bottom left - collage, bottom right - black ink
Black ink sketch realised as a textile piece: using a soldering iron on white nylon, over black polyester felt

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery on water soluble fabric
Carrot Tops - freehand machine embroidery

I was thrilled to start the textiles course, having had a lifelong interest in sewing, knitting and crocheting, but I quickly became irritated and frustrated at not being able to take it in the direction I wanted. The course used up all my time and energy, and my physical dexterity was declining rapidly.

So this would be my last course with the Open College of the Arts. I’d completed the equivalent of the first year of University – but it had taken me 7 years! The decision to quit was overwhelming and easy to make. I was never going to be able to complete the whole college course within the allowed timeframe anyway.

I had to start going my own way, before I lost the ability to do anything.