Printing (2011 - 2013)

Printing (2011 - 2013)

Below is the video posted online by the Open College of the Arts regarding the portfolio of work I submitted for the printing course assessment.


This was my final piece. It’s a cut and woven print which was meant to be viewed in landscape perspective (not portrait as depicted in the OCA video above). The figure is a self-portrait and the background represents water. I was paying homage to John Everett Millais’ “Ophelia”. The figure was a soft linocut, the background plate was made using a soldering iron on a yoga mat.

Practice print for "Drowning"

In the practice piece the figure was upright and wading through mud.

Chine Collé series

Barbed Wire, Brick Wall
Posters and Bubble
large chine collé

Linocut and monotype prints below

Monoprint background, linocut print on top.
Monoprint background, linocut black embossed print on top.
Monoprint background, linocut silver embossed print on top.

Reduction Linoprints below

Dead Wasp, purple and red
Dead Wasp, navy and orange
OCA official postcard with detail of the purple and orange Dead Wasp

Linocut print


Monoprinting and Back Drawing

Fruit Bowl 1
Fruit Bowl 2
Fruit Bowl 2
Sunflower on silk paper
Back Drawing