About me - Janet Gomes

I was born, raised, schooled, worked and am now medically retired in Portsmouth, England, UK.

I’ve been living with severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) since the beginning of 1993.

My last paid employment was working for a multi-national construction company as a computer aided design (CAD) draughtswoman. I loved it. The RA forced me to retire early in 2002. Work had been a great distraction from the pain and I missed it a lot. I needed to replace it with something equally absorbing. 

I’ve spent my life since then doodling, taking distance learning courses, teaching myself, watching YouTube (motivation and demonstrations) and gradually persuing an art education that I could have chased when I left school, but didn’t.

Now I’ve nearly reached proper retirement age I am confident enough to make things up as I go along and I’ll always be watching out for, and learning, new stuff to throw in the mix.

I do this entirely for my own well-being.

ps – Rafi (Art Enabler), this is me finally putting myself out there.

Rafi & Klee can be found at https://rafiandklee.com/

about me Janet Gomes
self portrait Janet Gomes
self portrait
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