4th adapted pour, May 2020

4th adapted pour
The original pour was done in 2018. If I remember correctly, I was experimenting with different base colours – obviously bright green here – and I had a lot of left over, ready-mixed, paint that I tipped over the top in a dirty pour. Every time I looked at the dried result I was revolted in a perversely enjoyable way and I couldn’t persuade myself to pour over it.
Browsing through some of my old photos in 2019 I rediscovered my collection of “fly-infested dead rat in my garden” shots. My adult son had discovered the atrocity and couldn’t believe I grabbed my camera, pushed past him and patiently took many close-ups… especially considering my absolute hatred and paranoia of flies. The photos still made me shudder and the connection with the revolting pour was an obvious one.
Strangely, the finished work makes me smile.
4th comparison with original pour

Comparison with original pour